Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tube Talk with Amy and Elizabeth

Welcome to another edition of Tube Talk with Amy and Elizabeth, a fun new feature I co-host with Amy of My Friend Amy. We are both currently watching season 1 of Supernatural, and occasionally we chat about it, and post our conversations here.

Today, we are talking about episode 4 - Phantom Traveler.

Recap - For some reason, creepy black smoke is entering the eyes of airplane passengers, and then causing the planes to crash. A guy who knows Sam and Dean's dad calls them, asking for help. The guy has the voice recorder from one of the crashed planes, and when he plays it for the boys, they hear something that isn't right. They both know it wasn't mechanical failure that downed that plane, and so they are on the case.

Sam and Dean manage to gain access to the wreckage of the plane with handy-dandy fake Homeland Security ID, and find weird black residue on the inside. They manage to take some of it away with them as they make a quick escape. They discover that the black residue is sulphur, leading to the obvious conclusion of demon possession. Sam decides they have to get on a plane to exorcise the demon - Dean suddenly comes down with a severe case of flight anxiety.

Once on the plane, the boys enlist the help of a stewardess who was on one of the original flights that went down. While Dean freaks out about flying, Sam takes matters into his own hands, and begins the exorcism - meyham ensues, but the boys save the day.

Our conversation about this episode was a little short - we've both had a couple of busy weeks - so I'm adding extra pictures to spice things up. =) As usual, Amy's comments will be in red.

E - So, this scary demon-on-a-plane episode totally made me flash back to the Lost returning-to-the-island-on-the-plane episode from a few weeks ago....again, no question, just an observation.

I really enjoyed the humor in this episode - Dean being terrified of flying, and Sam being totally irritated with him over it cracked me up. Also when Dean was talking to the stewardess, and finally just had to blurt out, "Christo!" She looks at him like he's crazy - funny.

Why in the world would their dad leave a message on his cell phone that directs people to contact Dean, but not contact Dean himself???

A - This is also something I totally don't understand. But it does make things more suspenseful.

E - I also love it when Dean makes his own EMF machine. I think he is going to be a supernatural McGyver!

I really didn't find this episode that scary - it was more funny that scary. Probably why I don't have too much to talk about.

Here is more information about the Phantom Traveler legend if you can't get enough. Make sure to stop my My Friend Amy, where Amy will be posting about episode 5 - Bloody Mary.

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Mollie said...

It's fun to read your thoughts on Supernatural. It's been awhile since I've seen the 1st season. And we're on ....season 3? 4? This is one of the few shows that I follow religiously.

I thought one of the scariest episodes was the "Asylum" where they're in an old insane asylum. CREEPY. And the pagan Scarecrow episode. Creepy, creepy!

So glad to see others enjoying this show! :)