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Tube Talk with Amy and Elizabeth

It's time to start season 2 of Supernatural! When we last saw the Winchester boys, they had been in a horrible car accident- who will survive? Will anyone in the family ever be the same? Make sure to stop by My Friend Amy, where Amy will be posting about episode 1, In My Time of Dying, and episode 2, Everybody Loves a Clown.

Episode 3 - Bloodlust
Recap: The Winchesters meet a fellow hunter and join him on a gig to catch a band of renegade vampires, but is the man all he seems, or are the vampires the actual innocents to be protected, not hunted?

Our discussion - as usual, Amy's words will be in red:

This show is certainly reinforcing my opinion that spending time in the woods = bad.

The woods really do not seem to be a safe place.

I am really creeped out by the vampires they have created - their teeth are just horrifying.

LOL!!!! Yes really takes away from the sex appeal.

It's interesting that Sam & Dean seem to know very little about the whole network of hunters that exists. Why do you think their Dad wanted to keep them isolated that way?

It could be his own reputation. Or it could be for their protection. No idea!

As soon as I heard Lenore talk about not drinking human blood, I thought "Somebody's been reading Twilight!"

Ha! Well, if you want any element of redemption in your vampire story they can't drink human blood, until they slip up and turn a child....oh wait. Different book. ;)

HAH! We could do a whole series about different vampire mythologies....

It was scary to see what can happen to a hunter when they become so focused on the kill that they lose their own humanity. I think Dean always has to remind himself that he is more than just a killer, and having Sam their to act as his conscience is extremely important.

I agree. I like ho
w this show used the vampires as mirrors for the hunters. Just as the vampires can choose to act against their natures, so can the hunters. And just as the vampires can become nothing but bloodthirsty monsters....well, so can the hunters. This was really illustrated when Dean relished killing the one vampire.....at that point, was he really separate from them?

That moment was really chilling, to me. I remember thinking, Boy - he's really enjoying this. Maybe enjoying it too much.

I think this could really cause a shift in the way the brothers think - before, they were just blindly chasing down monsters. Now, they realize it's not always as clear-cut as it seems. When Dean asked, "What is we have killed things that didn't deserve killing?', I think he was becoming aware that there are shades of grey, even in the hunting business.

Yes, the choices they have to make are much more complicated and cannot be driven by bloodlust. ;) And kudos to the show for using another Buffy alum.

If you are interested, you can read more about vampire lore and mythology.

Episode 4 - Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
Recap: The boys meet a very dead adversary that manages to injure Sam during an encounter. Can they face their foe again and this time win the battle?

Our discussion:

OOOOOh, zombies. It worries me that every time I try to grow a houseplant, it ends up looking like the ones in this episode.

Hmmmm........something you're not telling us? ;)

Maybe....I can't reveal all my secret. *grin*

Okay, the scene where Sam was watching....erotic movies....and Dean walks in, realizes what's going on, and says "Awkward." - hilarious!

Funny stuff.

It's one of the things I love the most about the show - the way it injects humor like that into such tense situations.

Was is just me, or did Angela and her roomate look a LOT alike?

They did!

Is it wrong that I didn't really feel sorry for any of the victims when Angela killed them? Especially the scummy boyfriend.

Nope, none of them were very sympathetic.

This whole episode just seemed very bleak. Both of the brothers seem so unhappy - even the colors seemed muted in this episode. I think they are doing a great job of showing just how deep they have sunk into sadness and despair.

Yes, it was a very dark and somber episode.

Boy, this season Dean has a lot of extra emotional baggage. When he said that he was the reason that Dad is dead, and then "What's dead should stay dead...I never should have come back. I should have stayed dead." His tough guy exterior is really taking a beating, and for all Sam's concern, he has no idea how to help his brother. Dean's right - what can you say to something like that?

Poor Dean! And fantastic acting by the way. I think Jensen Ackles is absolutely fantastic. He can convey so much emotion across his face. (yes I've turned into a bit of a fangirl)

Well, I think both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have done some great acting, but this season Ackles has really been given some great emotional stuff to portray. People sometimes brush this show off as fluff because it's on the CW, but the main characters are really well done.

Anyway, this is the second time Dean's life has been bought at the price of another and I just don't know how you would really recover from that. I mean he has to deal with his grief as well as sort out why he's still alive. On the other hand, hopefully he can have the knowledge that his dad thought his life was worth more than his own.

Right - even though the show hasn't technically revealed to us yet that his dad made that switch, I'm sure Dean is well aware of what happened. It isn't too hard to figure out, especially for someone who has done this job for so long. I don't think Dean will ever see himself as worthy of this sacrifice - he will always think he should have been the one who died.

I also thought it was interesting that Dean didn't want to visit the mom's grave. I mean that happened years ago? I'm glad Sam is forcing him to talk about it in any case.

I wondered about that too. I think Dean just doesn't want to think about the past - he figures that if he can forget about it, it won't hurt him any more. Sam has really challenged him to be more honest about his feelings, both to himself and to the world. Those brothers are good for each other!

As an aside, the actor Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam, actually broke his hand during the filming of this episode. That's why you will see him wearing a cast for the next several weeks.

If you are interested, you can read more about necromancy.

Stay tuned - 4 more episodes next week, and this show just keeps getting better and better!

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Amy said...

LOL! Read more about necromancy!! ;)

You're right about the acting and how shows like this get discredited. Especially genre shows. I will never really forgive the Emmy Powers for not giving Sarah Michelle Gellar an Emmy for Buffy. She was amazing. And I think the acting really carries this show as well....