Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tube Talk with Amy and Elizabeth

Welcome once again to Tube Talk! Amy, from My Friend Amy, has been chatting with me about season 1 of Supernatural. We are getting close to the end, and you can tell, because the episodes are getting more and more exciting! Make sure you stop by My Friend Amy, where she will be posting our conversations about episode 14, Nightmare, and episode 15, The Benders.

Episode 16 - Shadow

Recap: Sam and Dean meet up with Meg again (remember her, from Scarecrow?), while on the trail of a killer. Is she really as nice as she seems? Or is this all a wicked trap for the Winchester family?

Our discussion - as before, Amy's thoughts will be in red:

First things first - I KNEW Meg was trouble! And I was pretty impressed that Sam figured it out so quickly.

Me too, to be honest, he's pretty perceptive.

I'm sure it's that higher education. =)

I think the episodes where they actually fight demons are going to be the scariest for me - it seems pretty clear that there is no guarantee they will win. With ghosts, etc, I always assume the brothers will beat the thing, but demons are a whole different deal.

Demons scare the crap out of me. I mean in real life too. :) And they seen invincible. Making everything even more scary. And I'll never forget that Xander lost an eye on Buffy.

I HAVE to start watching Buffy.

I was very surprised toward the end of the episode when there was someone in their hotel room, and it ended up being Dad! I love that he FINALLY showed up when they needed him. Do you think he and Sam got to heal some of their hurts from the past?

I think they made some steps in that direction, but they are both pretty strong-willed. I think that will be a continuing conflict for them.

I'm a little bit worried that they didn't kill the demon - it just sorta got away. Do you think this will be something they have to deal with again in the future?

I think we can count on it! I have to admit I would have been disappointed if that had truly been the end of Meg. She's a really good villain and I suspect her storyline threads in stronger than sending that shadow monster after them.

Yeah, I liked her a lot more when she stopped trying to be nice and just got down to being a baddie.

And wow - now I understand why Dad thinks they are better off apart! It was heartbreaking to see Sam plead with him to stay, while Dean agreed he had to go. It's the difference between them - Sam is all emotion, Dean has to be the one with the clear head.

That was a very painful scene.

You can learn more about the Daeva, the particular kind of demon in this episode, if you are interested.

Episode 17 - Hell House

Recap: A run down house is apparently haunted by a murderous ghost from years gone by, but are the spooks really what they seem, and what does a website have to do with it all? When Sam and Dean meet two "would-be" ghost hunters, it's one crazy gig...

Our discussion:

I loved the glimpse into their past with the prank game - I can just see the boys doing that as kids, and their dad telling them to cut it out! So which practical joke was your favorite?

I so loved this, because it seems exactly like the sort of thing that ends up happening on the road, especially between siblings. I think that all of the pranks were funny, though I would be ticked if anyone did them to me! What about you?

I loved Dean's itching powder - that was perfect.

Dean & Sam must have wanted to throttle the amateur paranormal boys, who were doing nothing but getting in their way.

Yes. I also couldn't help but notice how much hotter Sam and Dean are! lol. The others were your stereotypical crazies.

I thought it was interesting that, in this episode, it wasn't about killing the ghost, it was about killing the IDEA of the ghost - if nobody believes in it, it doesn't exist. That could also be true of the Bloody Mary legend - people believing in it gave it strength.

Yes, it's a bit like fear in our own lives. We give it power and let it rule over us. The more room we give it, the stronger it becomes. I did think the way they tried to get rid of the ghost overall was funny, and how typical that it didn't work because the server crashed!

This one didn't really scare me too badly - it seemed more fun and lighthearted, with the pranks the whole time. I bet it was fun for them to film!

No, it wasn't too scary, but it was still very enjoyable. Quite honestly, the biggest charm of this show for me is Sam and Dean so even if the monster of the week is a bit lame, I still really enjoy it. That's the mark of truly great characterization, don't you think?

Absolutely. The writers have given the characters of Sam and Dean so much depth, that I could watch episodes with just them - no monsters - and be completely entertained!

You can learn more about haunted houses, and spirits who get their power from the beliefs of the ones who created them, if you are interested.

That's all for this week - next week, we should finish up season 1, which is good, because I hear season 2 just gets better!!


Amy said...

Yep that higher education! :)

Season 2 so far is so fantastic!!! I'm blaming you picking Supernatural and giving me another TV obsession!

Elizabeth said...

HAH! Sure, it's all MY fault. =)