Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tube Talk with Amy and Elizabeth

After a week off, we are back with Tube Talk, discussing season 1 of Supernatural. Be sure to stop by My Friend Amy, where Amy will be posting our discussions of Episode 10, Asylum, and Episode 11, Scarecrow.

So let's get started!

Episode 12 - Faith

Recap: While on a hunt, Dean is seriously hurt, and it seems he may only have months to live. Desperate for a cure, Sam goes to an unlikely source to save his brother, but is the miracle all it seems, or are dark forces at work?

Our discussion - as usual, Amy's thoughts will be in red.

So, I don't like episodes where the first thing that happens is Dean almost dies!

Thankfully, we know that since the show is still on, it's unlikely to happen for real. (Okay, fine, it happened on Buffy but they worked it out!)

I can't believe Dad didn't even return Sam's call when Dean was almost dying! I am really starting to not like their dad!

What a jerk! ;)

I was happy to see Julie Benz as the girl-of-the-week in this episode.
I wish they would find a way to carry her over. Don't you think she
would have made a better Meg?

Yes, I love her!

Why do you think Dean could see the Reaper after he was healed? Do you think he has some "power" we haven't found out about yet?

Wait, what?

Remember when Dean was being healed, he saw the Reaper over to the side - the creepy, ghosty looking guy. Well, then after he was healed, he was the only one that could see the Reaper when it came after people to kill them. Maybe it was just because he'd already had an experience with

I thought Dean's angst about not being "worthy" to be healed, and being upset that he took Layla's place was interesting. Do you think that is some sort of leftover guilt from when his mom was killed? Guilt about bad things he has done as a hunter?

That's a good analysis. I think that I would have felt the same way, though. Not only did he take Layla's place, someone else died for him. It should hopefully give him more purpose and drive.

I also thought the preacher's comments about Dean having a "purpose" were interesting. I wonder what that purpose is? Since I've already decided that all the evil in the family revolves around Sam, do you think it has something to do with being Sam's protector?

Well, it could be in the same, "everybody has a purpose" was, since this guy didn't have any powers.

Good point - how would know anything about Dean when he didn't even know his wife controlled the Reaper?

As a side note, I really really liked this episode.

I did too - I thought it showed a lot of good stuff about the brothers' relationship, and was just generally well done.

If you would like to read further, here is more information about the Reaper legend.

Episode 13 - Route 666

Recap: Dean meets up with an old flame after a spate of mysterious murders, but can he keep his ex-girlfriend safe from the killer truck? Just who is the driver from beyond the grave, and can Sam stop him before he even runs Dean off the road?

Our discussion - Amy's thoughts are in red.

Dean has a girlfriend!! Who's jealous?? =) Although, doesn't this mean she winds up in flames on the ceiling in a future episode?

Oh my gosh, I watched this with my mom and the whole time we waited for her trip to the ceiling!!!! (I didn't think she was a good actress, though.)

So, I wasn't all that excited about this episode. A crazed, racist truck? Just didn't seem that scary to me. And it seemed like there wasn't as much interaction between the brothers, because of the stuff with Dean's girlfriend, and the brothers is what makes me like the show so much.

A killer truck? Lamest. Monster of the Week. Ever.

Best line of the episode? Sam - "I miss conversations that don't start with, That Killer Truck."

I laughed out loud at that too.

I still am a little bemused every time the brothers do something like steal a tractor and start dragging the swamp. Seriously, NO ONE would notice them doing that?

They were wearing an invisibility cloak!!

OOOHHHH - well that explains it. I bet Dean made it out of spare parts, too, like his EMF reader.

I did like the way Sam figured out that the place where the church used to be was hallowed ground, and that's how they could defeat the crazed truck. Good thinking little brother!

He did go to college.

If you would like to read further, here is more information about the many legends used in the making of this episode.

If you are a fan of Supernatural, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Mollie said...

I remember enjoying the Route 666 episode for no other reason than we got to see Dean half nekked...right? It's been awhile since I've seen the 1st season.