Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Tunes

Thursday Tunes is a weekly event hosted by S. Krishna, devoted to sharing the music we love.
S. Krishna usually features a new artist each week - just to be different, I'm going to focus on a specific song, because it's the song that hooks me. There are very few artists whose entire body of work is in my MP3 player, but I have thousands of songs I love.

This week, I've been working on compiling my list of Top 10 Hymns for an idea that Sherry over at Semicolon has - she's soliciting top 10 lists, and is then going to post the Top 100 Hymns over the summer. Fun! If you are interested, you can still get your selections to her - she closes submissions on May 31.

So today, here are two of my favorites. I picked fairly contrasting styles, because that's just fun.

O, the Deep Deep Love of Jesus - arrangement by Selah

This is tied for my favorite of all time - I love that it's in a minor key, I love the flow of the music and the words - it's just beautiful.

Wonderful Grace - arrange by the Cathedrals

There's something about singing this song, on a Sunday night, with the congregation splitting into the different parts - it's just a joyous experience. Also, it's a bit of a nightmare for the accompanist, which often was me, so that's good memories as well. =)


mar10123 said...

Imagine trying to play "Wonderful Grace" on the organ! It's like an aerobics workout.

Elizabeth said...

HEE! I know - I remember the dirty looks you would give me when I requested it. =)