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Tube Talk with Amy and Elizabeth

Welcome to Tube Talk! It's an exciting week, as we will be wrapping up season 1 of Supernatural, including the infinitely unfair CLIFFHANGER ENDING, in anticipation of starting season 2 next week. Make sure you stop by My Friend Amy, where my lovely co-host will be recapping episodes 18 - Something Wicked, and 19 - Provenance.

Let's get busy!

Episode 19 - Dead Man's Blood

Recap: Sam and Dean are not only united with their father, but they must face a new foe- a foe they didn't even know existed! Time is running out, and the Winchesters must battle real life vampires to gain the thing that can kill their mother's murderer...

Our Discussion - as usual, Amy's words are in red.

Holy crap - Dad's back! I didn't expect to see him again this season. It seemed weird to me that he just showed up, and somehow knew his friend was in trouble. I have to say I still don't really trust him that much....

You don't trust Dad?

I totally don't trust Dad. He's been super shady from the beginning. I mean, he couldn't even show up when Dean was DYING???

The vampire's teeth really creeped me out. I usually enjoy a good vampire storyline, but didn't like this particular breed of vampires at all. They were just gross.

I love vampires with all of my heart. (That sounds disturbing, doesn't it?) But I didn't like these vampires. I did t
hink it was funny that they didn't initially believe vampires were real! Plus, these were super vampires that could go out in sunlight. Yuck!

I think there is going to be a serious mutiny at some point between the brothers and their Dad. This episode really showed how drill-sergeant-like he is, and that both of the brothers are
getting really tired of it.

Well they aren't little kids anymore, they're adults and in Sam's case, have suffered tremendous loss. They have their own reasons for doing what they're doing....you know?

Right - I think at
some point Dad is going to have to acknowledge that they have become equals - the brothers are just as capable as he is.

I liked the scene wher
e Dad talked about how he never wanted this life for his sons, but after their mom died he could only see evil. I think this episode showed the family dynamic is changing - Sam and Dean are the partners, and Dad is more the outsider. Do you think Dad is forcing them into this on purpose?

Hmm. Possibly. I'm glad he owned up to how the life he has given them was far from ideal. Despite how much this family loves each other, I almost think it borders on abuse the way Dean and Sam were raised. Not that I blame their dad...but....

If you are interested, you can read more about vampire legends.

Episode 20 - Salvation

The end is near and our boys and their dad are hot on the trail of the demon that killed Mary. Can all three Winchesters come through this fight alive? Will Meg get away to fight another day? Only time will tell...

Our discussion -

Uh-oh. Meg's back. This is not going to go well.

She's one evil girl.

It's interesting to me to find out that there are other hunters out there besides the Winchesters, and that they all seem to be friends. For some reason I just assumed they were the onl
y ones.

I like the idea of a bunch of hunters. I think it really opens things up for potential storylines.

As an Iowan, I'm a bit creeped out that they end up in Iowa so often - maybe I need to move???

Iowa is a very creepy state. I spent a few pivotal years there growing up...in fact, I prob
ably ran into a demon or two myself.

I really want to know what is special about the specific families the demon targets. Each baby is just 6 months old.
We know Sam and the last kid had powers - the baby in this episode "seems to read people's minds" - there has to be something going on with these families!

I'm curious as well, if there is something about the families or the children, or if it's all random.

But now I am also really confused about why Jess died - she and Sam didn't have a bab

Plot wise I know why Jess died! (to pull Sam back into the family business.) :) But y
ou're right, it's inconsistent with what we know. Doesn't mean that this creature/demon doesn't also kill whoever he feels like.

I thought it was a little weird that Dad had spent his whole life trying to kill what killed his wife, and then when they have it cornered, he leaves his sons to do the actual job. See, another reason why he is shady. (Can you
tell I still don't like him??)

I was completely baffled by his decision as well. He makes decisions that I don't understand. But ultimately, I think h
e thought that he could handle Meg better than the boys....and that the Colt was better protection sort of like a charm. I sort of love Jeffrey Dean Morgan. ;) But I hate his decisions as John Winchester!

If you are interested, you can read more about demon legends.

Episode 22 - The Devil's Trap

Recap: With John Winchester captured, and Meg and her demon buddy still on the loose, can Dean and Sam use the infamous Colt and kill their foe once and for all? Is John still alive? Methinks we'll have to wait until next season for some of the answers...

Our discussion:

It was interesting to see the brothers kinda switch roles - Sam, usually emotional, is the rational one, wanting to continue after the demon; Dean, usually the voice of reason, getting all emotional and demanding they save their dad.

Yeah, I think this is because the family is the most important thing to Dean. I really don't think he necessarily cares about hunting, but he cares about keeping them all together while Sam has become much more driven to hunt down this demon and kill it.

It's a brilliant show that can make you sympathize with Meg, a character who has been trying to kill your leads for several episodes. I thought her death was extremely well acted.

I did as well, though during the exorcism, all I could think was...where's the demon going to go? Ha, my Christian upbringing makes me think the demon needs something new to possess...pigs anyone?

HAH! I thought the same thing - they have to go somewhere, right?? =)

It was interesting that the demon acknowledged that Sam and the other children do have a purpose - I KNEW it was all about Sam!

This is not good.

I thought it was tragic that Dean finally realized that the demon wasn't his dad because the demon was acknowledging Dean's value, and his dad would never have done that.

Heartbreaking! But maybe more because he knew the obsession of hunting the demon was the most important thing to his dad.

This episode really showed Dean's vulnerability where his family is concerned. If it was anyone other than his dad who was possessed, he would have shot him in a second. But, like he said to Sam, "When it comes to you and Dad, the things I'm willing to do scare me sometimes." He's even willing to let the demon get away to save his father.

Yes, this is a majorly appealing part of his character to me. He's incredibly loyal. But if you're hunting something to protect the people you love...well it's hard to have to kill them. I really thought the acting in this episode was outstanding as well.

I HATE cliffhangers!!!!!!

This was quite a cliffhanger.

If you are interested, you can read more about possession.

So that's it - season 1 ends with the family possibly dead! Tune in next week, where we will reveal who lives - who dies - and what happens next as season 2 begins!

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