Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Tunes

Thursday Tunes is a weekly event hosted by S. Krishna, devoted to sharing the music we love.

S. Krishna usually features a new artist each week - just to be different, I'm going to focus on a specific song, because it's the song that hooks me. There are very few artists whose entire body of work is in my MP3 player, but I have thousands of songs I love.

So guess where I still am?? =)

I have fond memories of sitting on this very dock, singing this song with my cousin Eric. Eric, this one's for you.


Anonymous said...

Well holy crap. I am very picky about music. I don't mean to be, but I never seem to like anything anyone ever gives to me, no matter how much they do.

But this song arrested my attention immediately. It's on repeat at the moment.

Anyway, new to your blog, but I'm excited about reading literature-y things every week. :P


Rebecca :) said...

Great version of the song! I really like her.