Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tube Talk with Amy and Elizabeth

Time to talk Supernatural! Amy and I are currently watching season 2, and we chat about several episodes each week. Head over to My Friend Amy, where Amy is hosting our discussions of episode 13, Houses of the Holy, and episode 14, Born Under a Bad Sign.

Episode 15 - Tall Tales

Recap - The brothers need their old friend Bobby's help when they visit a college campus and encounter some pretty bizarre deaths. Can this really be what is seems, or is it simply just another tall tale??

Our discussion - as usual, Amy's thoughts are in red:

I'm not going to have a lot to say, because I didn't really enjoy this episode very much. I understand the concept of the trickster, and now that I know that's what they were dealing with, the episode made more sense, but I didn't really like watching it a whole lot.

I'm sorry you didn't like it! I pretty much laughed through the whole thing.....I loved it. Someone even told me this is their favorite episode of the whole series! The slow dancing alien really cracked me up...Dean was full of great lines, actually.

I was entertained by the segments that showed Sam's version of the story vs. Dean's version of the story - it really illustrated what irritates the brothers about each other.

Yes, it certainly exaggerated things about them, and was very realistic about life on the road or how when you live with someone 24/7, they start to annoy you. It was a nice lighter break from the Dean must kill Sam theme we'd been falling into....a break from the angst and drama.

I assume that leaving the trickster alive at the end means he will come back to mess with the brothers again at some point.

Um, you've watched farther than me, so I guess, but maybe it was just a nice open ending with a trick! ;)

Anything you want to add?? This one just wasn't that great for me.

Again, I thought it was really funny and enjoyed it a lot. But I'm strange like that.

No, I'm sure I'm the strange one - I was just so confused by the tone of this episode! I'm sure it was supposed to be a light, fun break, and I just didn't get it.

Episode 16 - Road Kill

Recap - The brothers meet a young woman named Molly when she runs into the road one night in front of their car. She is scared and disheveled, and tells the brothers she is being chased by a farmer. Is Molly telling the truth? Is it a simple misunderstanding, or is the farmer more spirit than man.....

Our discussion:

As a Battlestar Galactica fan, I was thrilled to see Tricia Helfer as Molly - she's one of my favorites from the series. Did you watch BSG? I bet you'd love it!

I haven't watched it yet. I want to! (she's also quite pretty!)

Wait till you see her as Six on BSG - quite a transformation. =)

Sam and Dean would be some pretty amazing people to find on a deserted road in the middle of the night!!

I would be happy to find them on a deserted road at any time.

I appreciate that for the first time, someone seems apprehensive about the brothers. Their life is SO incredible, and people always just accept it - didn't it seem realistic that Molly was scared of them, especially when she saw their trunk full of weapons?

Yes! I would have been totally freaked out, and she was right to be.

"Salt repells impure and unnatural things - that's the reason you throw it over your shoulder." I had no idea that was the basis for that legend. I love the way this show teaches me things.

I thought the same thing! I was like....oh, so that's the reason!

Best line of the episode - Dean says, "You know, just once I'd like to round a corner and see a NICE house."

I KNOW!!!! I laughed at that!

Why do you think Dean always makes Sam stay behind to guard the person? Is he trying to protect him, or does he just not like dealing with people that much?

I definitely think Sam deals with people better. Dean's almost a little like Bones (do you watch that show?) always saying things as they are without thinking of people's perceptions of it and feelings.

I don't watch Bones, but I've read some of the books - it's on my list of shows to rent someday.

Did you guess that Greely was going to jump through the window and grab Molly? I jumped about a mile high!

Me too!!

I loved the Molly twist!

Very Sixth Sense-ish, so it made sense that Dean called Sam "Haley Joel".

This is the first time they've talked about what happens to the spirits that Dean and Sam kill, and they admit they don't know. Do you think the show's mythology will adopt a traditional "heaven and hell" scenario, or do they have something different in store?

Well, we definitely know there's a hell, so it's hard to imagine there isn't some sort of place for the good people. I thought the whole, "what happens after" was long overdue and I'm surprised it doesn't weigh on them more.

There you have it - our episodes for this week. Are you a Supernatural fan? We'd love to hear from you - let us know what you think about these episodes!


Kay said...

Tall Tales:

I really liked the back and forth betweent he boys... and I loved Dean's mouth being full, very funny.

But I hated the slow dancing alien bit... who's POV was that? The story was good but the narrative flow seemed to need a bit of work.

But the boys are wonderful, so I am not being too picky.

Amy said...

Ha, I thought the concept of the slow dancing alien was very funny. One day I'll watch BSG! And also read all the books I want!