Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tube Talk with Amy and Elizabeth

Supernatural time again! Amy and I are currently watching Supernatural Season 2, and discussing the episodes together once a week. Today, Amy will be hosting our discussions of episode 9, Croatoan, and episode 10, Hunted.

Episode 11 - Playthings

Recap - It looks like Supernatural meets The Shining when Dean and Sam investigate a seemingly haunted inn. But is a little girl's imaginary friend really the culprit, or are there much darker, more sinister forces at work? If you don't like creepy dolls, don't watch this one...

Our discussion - as usual, Amy's thoughts will be in red.

This episode had all the elements of a classic ghost story - the remote old mansion, the strange butler, the creepy kids, the old woman in the attic - I thought the mood of this episode was perfect from beginning to end.

I agree! Loved it.

I always suspected the girls had somthing to do with it, even when they tried to throw us off by introducing the Grandma - did you have suspicions about them as well?

I was a bit confused about the two girls but only one got talked to. Totally out of the loop on that one.

How soon did you realize there was something different about Maggie? I have to admit, that one took my completely by surprise!

It took me by surprise, too! I did think the one little girl was super creepy.

I liked that they gave us some insight into what Sam has been struggling with. It's been kinda Dean-centric lately, so I was glad to get a glimpse into Sam's head. He's certainly given himself a new burden - believing he has to save as many people as possible, in order to change his own destiny. Do you think he is really destined to turn evil, and would saving people really change that?

I think Sam has quite a conscience and so it makes sense this is how he'd feel. I don't think he'll be able to change things this way unfortunately. But I'm glad these are the active choices he's making.

Do you think Dean could actually kill Sam, if it came down to that?

No, I don't as you'll see in my comments on the other episode.

One more thing......the episode made me think of The Dollhouse Murders......a book I read as a kid. Have you ever read it?

No - is it scary? Because I tend to shy away from scary books - they give me bad dreams for weeks.

Episode 12 - Night Shifter

Recap - When a bizarre set of robberies occur, it's up to Sam and Dean to figure out how the thieves are managing to hold up banks when there bodies turn up, apparently having died before their crimes were committed! Could their old friend the shapeshifter be back? Has the body altering creature returned from the dead, or is one of his kin folk committing the crimes?

Our discussion -

I think the shapeshifters are just about my least favorite of the things the brothers have hunted. Their skin peeling off is just so disgusting. I'd be fine with no more episodes featuring them. Do you have something you'd rather not see them hunt again?

YUCK with the peeling skin!!! Um......the yellow-eyed demon? Just kidding.

I loved Ronald! I was so entertained with his whole conspiracy theory, and the "mandroid", and the horrible attempt to find the thing in the bank. I was honestly sad when he didn't make it.

I loved him, too. He reminded me a little bit of Hurley. He definitely lightened things up.

I've been so enjoying the episode that had advanced the greater story arc of the demon and the other kids like Sam, so I was initially disappointed at what seemed to be just another "monster-of-the-week" episode - until the Evil FBI Agent came on the scene. I think he will clearly cause some problems for many episodes to come, and will make things very exciting. Did you like the twist he brought to the story?

Oh my gosh, Supernatural is like a mix of the X-Files, Buffy, and now Prison Break. ;) Yes I think it did make things interesting. I'm definitely a bigger story arc sort of girl, but it's nice to get a few different sorts of episodes from time to time.

Why do the brothers keep going off alone when there is a shapeshifter in the building? Haven't they ever heard of the buddy system????

Clearly no. If we were in this situation, I'd stick with you. ;)

I didn't quite understand what happened at the end, when the FBI were clearing the building, and they showed the Evil Agent the two people that sorta looked like the brothers tied up in what appeared to be a closet. Did the brothers somehow make "fakes" of themselves to make the agent think they died? How did they do that? Or did I just read something totally wrong into that scene?

I think they knocked those two guys out and stole their uniforms to escape the building and so the FBI realized there was no point in searching the building for them anymore.

I think the ending, with Dean saying "We are so screwed", is the scariest one yet! What are they gonna do? No matter what happens with the demon, they can never have a normal life now!

I know. Seriously. What are they gonna do?

Season 2 is really heating up - I can tell this is going to be a great one. We'd love to have you watch along with us - leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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