Monday, June 8, 2009

But you see, this one will actually HELP me....

Yes, it's another challenge, but this is a good one - it will help me whittle down my increasingly gigantic piles of books sitting around the house.

This challenge is hosted by Andi, with a dedicated blog at Reading in Order Challenge.

Here's the scoop:

Goal: To read through one's stacks (a bookcase, several bookcases, the entire "to be read" pile, etc.) alphabetically.

The rules: Read alphabetically by author or book title. Make allowances as you see fit.

So here are the allowances I will make:

This will be interspersed with library books, review copies, etc.

My shelves aren't all in EXACTLY alphabetical order, so this will sometimes be loosely alphabetical - sometimes not really alphabetical at all. But it will definitely be in the order the appear on my shelves.

I have a couple of random, not in any order whatsoever stacks lying around that I am going to read through first, so the alphabetical thing will be on hold for a bit.

Do you think I am breaking enough of the rules already?? Well, Andi can kick me out if she wants. =)


mar10123 said...

Now, I know you like fantasy, but, really . . . ;-)

Kat said...

I have my books arranged by color so I think I am screwed on this one!

Literary Feline said...

I think it's great that Andi created this challenge. Sometimes I look at my TBR stacks and think I should do the same thing--or just pick a letter and read all the books with authors whose names end in that letter. Maybe someday. :-) Good luck with the challenge!

Jenners said...

I have to say....the title on this post just cracked me up!!! I don't think I could do this ... I'm just not able to read things in order like that! I just can't!