Saturday, June 20, 2009

Poe Fridays (on Saturday)

This week's short story is The Island of the Fay. A man travels into a beautiful, garden-like island setting, with trees, and flowers, and a river. As he sits in the idyllic scene, he sees a fairy in a boat, moving around the river. The fairy's travels take her from light to darkness, and the man sees her mood change, darkening each time she makes another cycle.

This was quite a lovely, descriptive story. I found myself wishing I could join the narrator on his beautiful island. I'm not sure what the deeper meaning is, although I'm sure there was one. Honestly, I was lulled into the mood of the story, and didn't really think that much about significance and meaning and such. Another great choice, and another surprise from Poe.

Next week, we will read a poem, The Enigma. Poe Fridays is hosted by Kristen at WeBeReading.

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Kristen M. said...

My completely random method of choosing stories seems to be coming up with a very wide variety of styles! Let's hope it continues because this is really quite fascinating!