Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tube Talk with Amy and Elizabeth

It's time to talk Supernatural! We are currently watching season 2, and things are definitely getting exciting! Be sure to visit My Friend Amy today, where Amy will be posting about episode 5 - Simon Said, and episode 6 - No Exit.

Episode 7 - The Usual Suspects
Recap: Dean's past finally catches up with him when he is arrested for the crimes committed by the evil shapeshifte
r in the season one episode, "Skin". Can Sam convince the cop in charge of their innocence, or will she be the the next victim of a new spooky killer?

Our discussion - again, Amy's thoughts will be in red:

This show always has pretty good guest stars, but this week Linda Blair was the best ever. She just sets the perfect mood of creepy!

Oh so true. :)

And, speaking of guest stars, I knew as soon as I saw Jason Gedrick as the cop that he would have to be a bad guy.

Well then the whole show was spoiled for you?

Not totally spoiled - I still didn't know how the brothers would get out of this one!

I had a feeling Dean's muder rap would end up coming back to haunt them - I was just surprised it took this long. It seems to me like they should take more care about things like fingerprints and letting people see them sneak around, especially running around crimes scenes like they do all the time.

Oh my gosh they clearly don't watch CSI. They need some tips from Alias on going undercover a bit!

Well, they need some help from someone!

I loved that Sam and Dean were exactly on the same page, even though they were separated in jail. Their stories were exactly the same, they both started working on the anagrams at the same time, and when Dean sent the message, Sam knew exactly what to do. It's almost like they share the same brain!

Yup it makes them a very effective team. If I ever end up hunting supernatural things, I hope I have a partner who can read my mind as well.

I really thought it was interesting that, once again, it's not a spirit that's the evil one
- it's a human. I like that they are starting to incorporate well-intentioned spirits into the mythology of the show. I think it could besetting the stage for big, exciting battles to come.

True.....it makes things less black and white.

If you are interested, you can read more about ghosts and vengeful spirits.

Episode 8 - Crossroad Blues
Recap: Dean finally learns the truth about what happened to John, and has a chance to set it right. The problem is, just how far will the elder Winchester go to get his father back, and will Sam be able to stop him before its too late?

Our discussion:

First of all, nothing good ever happens at a bar out in the middle of nowhere!

This episode freaked me out, because I have a bit of a fear of barking dogs - when I was little, neighbors down the street had a (what seemed like) HUGE dog that would snarl every time I walked past - ever since, the sound has freaked me out. I could totally understand the people's fear in this one!

I was scared of even little dogs when I was little. For a long time, I was scared of my neighbor's dog because he sounds really vicious when he barks at me every time I walk up to my door. Then I saw him one day (finally -- he was always hidden behind the fence) and he's big, cute, and fluffy!

I thought it was interesting that, initially, Dean didn't really want to help these people, because he thought they made their own trouble. This has come up with him before - whether or not someone is "worth" saving. Do you think it's his own guilt about being saved that makes him struggle with this?

Yes I think so. But it puts him in a hard place because really how do you know who is worth saving? Certainly it felt more obvious with these people and he clearly thinks he himself wasn't, but who gets to decide? I also really liked the question that was raised of whether or not it's love to save someone like that. All of Dean's guilt and grief was revealed when he asked how that guy's wife would feel knowing what her life had cost. I do thin
k about this sometimes. Is it love for someone else or the fear of living without them that motivates such decisions?

That's a great point - who really benefits? The person who is saved gets to live longer, but it such a life really worth it, when burdened with the guilt of knowing what had to happen to save them?

Of course, we eventually find out that his dad saved him - traded his life for Dean's. This is the second time Dean's life has been saved, and he asks "How am I supposed to live with that?" Do you think his feeling that he's not worthy makes him more reckless?

I think he's living under such a weight of guilt and grief that yes, he's reckless.

The demon taunts Dean by saying that he never would have pulled that stunt if he knew where his dad was, and that she could have brought his dad back. Do you think she actually had that power, or was she just saying what she thought Dean needed to hear to get her way?

I of course wonder if she even has that information. Wouldn't a demon be able to say
anything convincingly? She knew exactly which buttons to push and what things to say. I guess I don't really want to believe John Winchester is suffering in the worst parts of hell!

Do you think finding out his was willing to die for him will allow Dean to finally believe his dad loves him & is proud of him?

I don't know. Imagining his father being tortured is probably not going to allow him to be at peace.

I wonder what it will take for Dean to realize just how valuable he truly is.

If you are interested, you can read more about the crossroads mythology.

That's all for this week - next week, we will have four more great episodes to talk about. Are you a Supernatural fan? We'd love to hear your comments about what we are currently watching, or what we have to look forward to!

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