Thursday, June 4, 2009

My month in movies

"You can map your life through your favorite movies, and no two people's maps will be the same."

- Mary Schmich

Quantum of Solace (2008) - I love Daniel Craig's Bond - a mix of sardonic grin and complete badassery. The plot seemed a little complicated for a Bond movie, but any time I get to see Judi Dench on screen, I'm happy.

Caprica (2009)
- This was actually the pilot episode for the new series airing this fall on SciFi. It's a spinoff of Battlestar Galactica, which I loved. Caprica takes us 50 years before the events of BSG, showing us the birth of the cylons. If this pilot is any indication, I am going to love this series too! There are a lot of fascinating ideas waiting to be developed, and I'm very excited for this series to get underway.

Just Another Love Story (2007)
- a rather dark twist on the "someone's in a coma, someone else is pretending to be their significant other" story - this felt grim the entire way through. Definitely darker than the Sandra Bullock version of this story.

The Reader (2008) - I read the book this movie is based on a long time ago, and now I HAVE to read it again. What a film. Kate Winslet is one clearly one of the best actresses of her generation - she makes you feel sympathy for a Nazi prison guard! So many complex issues - individual and collective guilt, justice, forgiveness - I know that books are always better than films, but this movie was heartbreaking and brilliant.

Doubt (2008) - It was interesting watching this movie so soon after reading "Losing My Religion", with the Catholic church molestation scandals so fresh in my brain. Another stunning role for a woman, with Meryl Streep perfection as the hard-nosed Catholic nun who, armed with nothing but moral certainty, aims to take down the popular, progresssive new priest. It examines authority, and faith, and doubt in all its forms. This was an unforgettable movie.

Seven Pounds (2008)
- This is a movie where NOT knowing too much about the plot really enhances the experience - I hadn't read much about it, and chose it based on Will Smith in the lead. Boy, did it pack an emotional whallop. I don't want to say too much about it, in case you haven't seen it yourself, but I continue to be impressed with Will Smith. There were a few continuity problems, and some may object to the goal of Smith's character, but if you view this as a movie about one man's quest for redemption, I think you will be affected by it as well.

Australia (2008) - I've heard some people compare this film to Gone With the Wind, and while I can't compare it in quality to that masterwork, I do understand the comparison in regard to the journey Nicole Kidman's character makes - from spoiled nobility to hardworking cattle driver. This was visually stunning, and an entertaining epic love story, but probably not one of the greatest movies of our time.

I watched a lot of good movies this month - most of them were quite intense, but completely unforgettable. I can't wait to see what arrives from Netflix this month!


bermudaonion said...

I thought The Reader was fantastic too.

Literary Feline said...

I hadn't heard of Caprica, but it does sound good. I've only seen the first season of Battle Star Galactica and absolutely loved it. Maybe by the time I catch up, Caprica will be out on DVD and I can watch it. :-)

I really liked The Reader too. :-)

Australia, Doubt and Seven Pounds are all movies I want to see eventually. I agree with you about the plot being a bit too complicated in Quantum Solace, but like you, I still enjoyed it.

Amy said...

I didn't like Seven Pounds, but it would make a great film club pick. Ha. Get it?

I loved Australia, and loved loved The Reader.

Elizabeth said...

bermuda - I think Kate Winslet is amazing!

Literary Feline - You definitely need to watch the rest of BSG!!

Amy - HAH! =)

Rebecca :) said...

I enjoyed Seven Pounds. That is one for the heartstrings. I want to see The Reader, but have not yet, nor have I read the book yet.