Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've been revenge-tagged! =)

Amy, over at My Friend Amy, tagged me for a another meme. Apparently, I have to share 10 things that are weird about me. Only 10?? Okay, here goes....

1 - I love lists. I make lists of anything I can think of to list, and then save them. I have folders fulls of lists.

2 - I am an obsessive body wash and lotion purchaser. Every year at the Bath & Body Works sale, I buy a ton more. It would be physically impossible for me to ever use all the bottles I currently own, yet I keep buying.

3 - I buy clothes for my ferret. I can't help it, he looks so dang cute! Of course, because he is an escape artist, they tend to be off his back and on the floor in about 22 seconds, but still, he's so dang cute!

4 - I have saved almost all of my lecture notes from practically every course I took in college. I have no idea why I think I might ever need them again, but I just can't throw them away.

5 - I feel sad for people who don't read.

6 - I almost never watch my local news because I think the news readers are dorks.

7 - I have 5 little notebooks full of titles I want to read, all arranged by fiction/nonfiction, and whether or not I can check them out of my local library. I clearly will never read all of these books before I die, but I can't stop adding more.

8 - I would rather watch movies at my own house than a theater. I just feel like I can be more comfortable, and if I have to pee in the middle I can just push pause and come back.

9 - I love to loan out books to people, and I keep a list (big surprise!) of where each book has been and who has read it.

10 - I really like to do laundry.

Alright, there you go - proof I'm a weirdo. The rules for this one are pretty simple - tell me 10 weird things, facts, goals or habits about you. You are then supposed to tag 6 people & state why you tagged them, and then report back to me that you've posted. I'm going to be honest and say that I always feel like I am pestering people when I tag them. I enjoy memes, but I'm not sure everyone else in the world does. So, if you are reading this, and you like memes, CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED! THIS MEANS YOU!! =)

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Amy said...

you're funn! I feel sad for people who don't read as well, usually, (not always) it's because they can't do it well. I know this, it's my job! :)