Monday, April 27, 2009

Review - The Noticer by Andy Andrews


The Noticer is the story of the people of Orange Beach, Alabama. They are just like the people in every other town everywhere - they all kinda know each other, and they all try to live their lives the best way they can. They also all have hidden problems that threaten to tear their lives apart. It is also the story of Andy, a sucessful man with a happy family, whose life was saved one night by a quiet old man. But mostly, it's the story of the man - Jones. Jones is a "noticer" - he sees things other people miss. He says it's his gift, and he uses it on the people of Orange Beach, Alabama - one by one - to give them a new perspective on the things that seemed so insurmountable just a short time before.

My thoughts:

This was a nice little book. It reads very much like a parable, with the author actually using himself as a character, and telling short stories with lessons attached to each. Jones is a pleasant main character, purposefully nondescript, who listens to people's problems, and then gives the sage pieces of advice, such as, "Whatever you focus upon, increases", and "Even the simplest actions you take for your lives matter beyond measure." His goal is to make the person stop, take a step back, and look at their problem in a different way - to give them a new perspective.

Andrews has a nice gift for storytelling, and his tales are all honest and believable. His insight into people's real lives make each of the character's problems seem relatable. I have to admit that I didn't gain and earth-shattering new perspectives, but I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who have been telling me many of these things all my life. I can imagine this book being a great inspiration to a wide ranging audience - even if it didn't change MY life, it could certainly change someone's.

My favorite part of the book is The Noticer Project, a movement started by the author to encourage people to recognize the ones who have made a difference in their lives. This is something I am constantly trying to do better at, so I appreciate the encouragement in this area. You can find out more information at The Noticer Project. I believe there is also a Facebook page, and also a Twitter page, for those who utilize those options. =)

Finished: 4/20/09
Source: Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers program
Rating: 7/10


bermudaonion said...

Sounds interesting and I love the idea of The Noticer Project.

violetcrush said...

Oh...I had seen this book before and thought it was self help.

Maybe it is, in a way.

Elizabeth said...

bermuda - the Noticer Project really is my favorite part of the whole thing.

violet - yes, it is definitely "self-help-y" in a lot of ways.