Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yes, the floodgates have officially opened...

and I have joined another challenge.

The Fantasy Challenge.

Here's the deal about this one, though - there are no rules! Just read a bunch of fantasy stuff! This one I can totally handle. Here's my list of possibilities so far -

The Bartimaeus Trilogy - J. Stroud
The Hollow Kingdom - C. Dunkle
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - S. Clarke
Solstice Wood - P. McKillip
Ombria in Shadow - P. McKillip
The Curse of Chalion - L.M. Bujold
Waking the Moon - E. Hand
The Earthsea Trilogy - U. LeGuin

This is why I tried to put off starting challenges for so long - I knew once I started, I wouldn't be able to stop. Oh well......


bethany said...

wow, another challenge!! I am about to do the same...maybe two. I just have finished several, but I need to think before acting!

The awards one looks good to me, and the summer reading one too.

I wish I knew more about fantasy..but I know nothing. Are the Chronicles of Narnia fantasy? what about The Lord of the Rings? huh. I have no idea...silly me.

Elizabeth said...

*grin* yep, Narnia and the Lord of the Rings would be considered fantasy. I think the reason I signed up for this one was the lack of rules - I can just go out and discover new stuff (everything I put on my list is new to me) and see what I like.