Saturday, June 7, 2008

Voodoo, baby

Review - Rebels of Babylon by Owen Parry

President Lincoln has sent army Major Abel Jones down to New Orleans to investigate an odd occurrence - Susan Peabody's "embarrassed" corpse being found washed up onto shore. Once arrived, Jones almost immediately finds his life in danger from a dizzying variety of sources, and becomes enmeshed in yet another mystery - the disappearance of a great number of former slaves, now freed by Lincoln. Jones must reluctantly enlist the help of some rather questionable accomplices, including a voodoo priestess, to help him solve the cases.

I love this series. Owen Parry creates some of the most interesting characters in fiction. Abel Jones, who might be a dwarf, and his wife, who might be a hunchback; Matt Cawber, the millionaire who may or may not be dirty; Mick Tyrone, the army doctor philosopher; Barnaby B. Barnaby, the haberdasher who falls for questionable women; all these characters and more just come alive in these novels. I also love how Parry writes the spirit of the time - there is no political correctness in these novels. His characters speak and think the opinions of the times they live in, with no apologies. It's great to find a series that has exciting mysteries and is so well written. I would definitely recommend these books to anyone looking for a new mystery series to enjoy!

Finished: 6/7/08
Rating: 8/10
Source: my bookshelf

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