Thursday, June 5, 2008

Since I apparently don't see enough presidential politics on the news...

Review - Shelley's Heart by Charles McCarry

Former President Franklin Mallory knows that the election was stolen. He presents newly elected President Frosty Lockwood with the evidence, and asks him to resign. Lockwood refuses, setting in motion a sequence of events that involves assassinations, terrorists, fertility clinics, secret societies, and the eventual impeachment trial of the President.

I tried to read this book on two previous occasions, and couldn't get into the story for anything. I am very glad I gave it a third try. I was completely engrossed in this tale of politics and secrets from the beginning. McCarry brings each of his characters to life, flaws and all, and takes the reader down a twisty, turny path to his eventual resolution. There were a couple of plot points that seemed out of place (all the stuff with the fertility clinic never really seemed to go anywhere, for example), but this was a great page turner. I couldn't wait to get to the next chapter to see what dirty dealings were going to happen next. =) I also found a quote that I loved:

"This was why he read the books he liked over and over again. They reminded him that you seldom understood everything the first time you looked at something, no matter how systematic you thought you were being. It was impossible to see every detail unless you kept going back for another look, and then another and another."

Finished: 6/5/08
Source: Des Moines public library
Rating: 8/10

(and now I have to take shelter as the tornado sirens just started going off - good times!)

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