Thursday, March 5, 2009

My month in movies

Another month, another bunch of movies - as usual, it was a mixed bag, with some great stuff, and some on the shady side. Here's the list -

WALL-E (2008)
- oh, I loved this movie. I've been ambivalent at best about the recent crop of animated films - it just seemed like nothing could compare to the good old days of The Lion King, Lady and the Tramp, and the like. But WALL-E renewed my faith in the genre - this was a great movie, that made me fall in love with two little robots who barely even talk.

Wanted (2008) - Actually better than I thought, although a little bit like The Matrix with assassins. Also, I'm an Angelina fan, but I really wish she would eat a cookie already.

Sunshine (2007) - Entertaining but somewhat convoluted sci-fi about a group of astronauts in the future sent to the sun to explode a bomb on its surface in order to save humanity. Right. Honestly, I think I put this in my queue because I really enjoy Cillian Murphy. I think my favorite part was when the crew of 7 discovered that they only had enough oxygen for a crew of 4, and I got to start predicting who wasn't making it to the sun.

Righteous Kill (2008) - Well, I was entertained by Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro as two cops trying to find a serial killer. I am apparently the only person in the universe, but maybe I just liked it because it didn't end like a Dennis Lehane novel.

Masters of Horror: The Black Cat (2007) - found this when I was reading The Black Cat for Poe Fridays. It's not really that good - but I'm not a fan of the horror movie, so it might appeal more to others.

Pineapple Express (2008)
- I'm not sure what I expected from this film, but it was pretty entertaining. It once again reinforced my belief that James Franco is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood.

I also tried to watch Eagle Eye, starring Shia LeBeouf, but fell asleep. Really, I just wasn't at all compelled by the story.

Did you watch anything good this month? Let me know!


Carolynn said...

the main female lead in eagle eye is the sister of one of my board members! pretty cool!

bermudaonion said...

I'm heading out to see The Reader with a friend in a few minutes. I've been on a movie binge here lately.

bethany said...

We LOVED Wall-E too!!! Thanks for sharing about those films, I'll have to check into some of them :)

Kristen M. said...

We watched WALL-E last night but it was for the umpteenth time. :)

We have Eagle Eye sitting here from Netflix but now I'm wary of it. And yes, James Franco was awesome in Pineapple Express but the movie on the whole was only okay.

I haven't heard of Sunshine but I'm going to check it out.

Today, though, I think I am going to watch Madame Bovary.

violetcrush said...

I haven't seen any of these movies. I wanted to watch Wall-E but it's already out of theatre's. I have Sunshine on my harddisk though.

I watched 'The Freedom writers' staring Hilary Swank. I loved it. It's based on a book called 'the freedom writers diary'. I think I'll have to look for that book.

Elizabeth said...

Carolynn- seriously? Michelle Monaghan? I think that's why I got this movie in the first place - I really like her. Cool.

bermuda - did you like The Reader? I read the book years ago and thought it was very good.

Bethany - I'm pretty sure Wall-E will be one of my favorites for the year!

Kristen - Eagle Eye was probably a fine action thriller. I just couldn't get into it. I think I'm irritated by Shia LeBeouf.

violet - I've seen The Freedom Writers - it was excellent!