Monday, August 25, 2008

Mailbox Monday

And so once again it is Monday, and time to take a look at what the book gods sent my way this week....

Once again I have a bumper crop - I think partly because my street was torn up for about 8 days, so when the mailman could get to my house again I got A LOT of stuff at once. I'm pretty sure he hates me.

(sorry, no pictures this week, as my camera is currently being held hostage at my in-laws, but links will be fun too, right?)

The Garden of Ruth
, The Song of Hannah, and The Triumph of Deborah, all sent to me incredibly graciously by the author, Eva Etzioni-Halevy. Biblical fiction - yea!! I can't wait to get started on these.

Midwife of the Blue Ridge
, also sent by the author, Christine Blevins. This one is a historical novel which looks fantastic. AND the author signed it - extremely cool. This is going to the top of the stack as well.

From various publicists: Seeing through the Lies: Unmasking the Myths Women Believe, by Vonda Skelton, and The Truth: What You Must Know before December 21, 2012 by (award winning author) Stephen Hawley Martin. The first one I am a little bit sketchy about - it sounds a little bit self-help-ey, which I don't really enjoy that much, but we'll give it a shot. The second is mostly for my husband - he loves conspiracy theories and the like, so we'll both enjoy that one. (I hope.)

Descartes Bones: A Skeletal History of the Conflict Between Faith and Reason
by Russell Shorto is an ARC from the publisher. I can't wait to read this one - it sounds like just my type of nonfiction. The Spiritualist by Megan Chance came from something I signed up for online, forever ago - I don't think I ever expected to receive anything, so it was a fun surprise. And Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri came from Bookins - I have loved her previous work, so can't wait to get into this one.

So there you have it - my haul for the week. Anything good come into your mailbox lately??


avisannschild said...

I see you got Midwife of the Blue Ridge too. I'm looking forward to comparing our reviews!

Kathleen said...

I really enjoyed 'The Triumph of Deborah', that's awesome you got all three :)