Sunday, September 19, 2010

Art Envy

Have you all met Rebekah Joy Plett?? She is one of my FAVORITE artists.

I met her about a year or so ago, thanks to her sister, the fabulous book blogger Raych. There was some kind of contest or something going on.....I can't remember. Anyway, I spent a bunch of time poking around on her portfolio, and kind of became a little bit internet-stalkerish, and eventually wound up buying myself a print of her incredible piece, Words Take Flight.

Cut to this year, and now we are Facebook friends, and about a month or so ago she announced a contest (I know, I'm apparently a sucker for those things) in which she asked her fans to give her a list of 10 interesting, obscure, and inspirational words, and she would choose one entry and make a painting based on those words. I thought that sounded pretty cool, so I came up with a list and submitted it. Alas, I did not win - and after reading all the entries, I wasn't surprised. She could paint for years based on the creative responses she gathered.

However, about a week later, I received and very unexpected email - Rebekah wanted to use MY list of words to create a painting for the annual Paint for Peace fundraiser!! Of course I said yes - how completely fantastic to have the list of words I thought up be used to inspire a painting for such a great cause. In case you were wondering, here is my list:

, piano, 
curly brown hair, 

Rebekah has been keeping me and her blog readers updated on her progress, and this week she shared this picture of what the painting looks like:

I might be biased, but I have to say I think it's pretty cool. Also pretty cool? On it's way to me is one of her initial sketches, that I am planning to frame and put up next to my grand piano. I can't wait!!

If you'd like to watch the progress of our painting, check out Rebekah's blog - she is always working on something fantastic.

And yes, this just makes me wish even more that I had even a TEENY bit of artistic ability - I guess I just have to live vicariously through the people I know that do.

p.s. I did receive permission from the artist to post her work on my site - please don't steal it without getting her permission as well!

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