Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Sam update, take 2

From Sam's mom this morning:

"We were all up early today, and at the hospital trying mentally to prepare ourselves for sending our baby into surgery once again. But when we got to Samuel's room the cardiologis
ts were there looking him over. They told us that they spoke with the surgeon and that Sam would
be having surgery today!!!

Samuel's nurse noticed that the chest tube drainage was very very minimal since midnight last night (10 cc). He has been averaging 100 or more each day. We were shocked! We prayed last night specifically for the drainage to cease so Sam would not need surgery. It is still something that will be very closely monitored, and if the drainage increases or x rays show an increase in fluid around his lungs then surgery will be on once again.

If his drainage stops for a week, they will then try feeding him again. Pray for the swelling and edema in his head and neck , that it would decrease and not come back. Pray for strength for his lungs. They are working him on the ventilator a little bit at a time. Dr. Oliver said he was at sprinters status right now, and we need to work him up to marathon strength!! "

Great news - thanks to all of you who have been remembering this family in your thoughts and prayers!

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