Friday, October 9, 2009

451 Fridays

451 Fridays is based on an idea from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. In his novel, a group of people (Bradbury calls them Book People) are trying to keep the ideas found in books alive. Instead of actually saving the books, the Book People each "become" a book - memorizing it, word for word, and passing it down to the next generation.

451 Fridays asks what books you feel passionate about. What book do you think is so important that you would be willing to take on the challenge of "becoming"?

Today, I'm so excited to welcome author Victoria Hislop to 451 Fridays! I reviewed her novel, The Return, yesterday, and am thrilled she agreed to join us here!

About Victoria

Victoria Hislop read English at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, and writes travel features for The Sunday Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, House & Garden and Woman & Home.

Her first novel The Island was published by Headline Review and held the number 1 slot in the paperback charts for eight consecutive weeks, selling over a million copies in the UK.

The book has also been published in over twenty languages and has also been a number 1 bestseller in Greece.

Victoria was the Newcomer of the Year at the Galaxy British Book Awards 2007 and won the Richard & Judy Summer Read competition.

She lives in Kent, with her husband and their two children.

Visit Victoria’s website at

What 5 books do you believe are important enough to be saved, and why?

That's a really challenging task - out of all the books that one has read and loved, the ones I would definitely plea to be saved:

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
The Hours by Michael Cunningham
I am David by Anne Holm
1984 by George Orwell
Complete Works of Shakespeare

Of those 5, which would you choose to become?

The one I would "become" (if I had the brainpower!) would be the Complete Works of Shakespeare - I think it contains all the wisdom, advice and insight that any one could ever hope to acquire in a lifetime! And it entertains, moves and educates all at the same time.

Are there any quotes from the book(s) you'd like to share?

As for a quote....where does one begin? "To be or not to be, that is the question." It seems to face all the fundamental questions about life, so how about that one.

Victoria, thank you so much for taking the time to share with us YOUR list of books which must be saved.

Do you have a list you'd like to share? Let me know - I'd love to feature you on an upcoming 451 Friday!


Jenners said...

I don't know if anyone has the brainpower to become the Complete Works of Shakespeare ... but it is worth trying!

Crazy Pregnant Avid Reader! said...

Fabulous Idea...451 it! I'm set to re-read Fahrenheit 451 this year in a book challenge I've given myself to read 100 books this calendar year! Of the books I've already read thus far, the 5 I would save are: The Bible, The Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers, The Shack by William P. Young, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and The Complete Anne of Green Gables Series by Lucy Maud Montgomery...Of those, I would choose to "become"...well, come on I'd have to choose The Bible out of those 5, wouldn't I?!

Marie said...

What a great idea for a meme. Thanks for the terrific post!

Beth F said...

LOL!! I couldn't possibly memorize the Complete Shakespeare! But yes, it needs to be saved.