Monday, September 14, 2009

Review - A Life Well Read

When I received an email from A Life Unplugged asking me if I would be interested in reviewing their book organization system, A Life Well Read, I was very excited. I'd seen this system featured on other sites in the past, and it looked SO COOL - but since I hadn't seen it in person, I didn't know if I could justify spending the money for something that could, ultimately, be disappointing.

Here's the product description from the company:

Combining the intimacy of a diary and the organization of a Rolodex, A Life Well Read is ideal for readers who want to create a personalized record of their book content - wherever and whenever they can find a moment to pursue their passion for reading.

This truly unique product helps readers capture, organize and share their ideas about books, create their own book wish list, remember books they want to give others, and track books on loan to friends.

When the package arrived in the mail, I couldn't wait to open it. Boy, was I happy with what I found. This is a really beautiful set. The box itself is roughly the size of a hardcover book, and the illustrations on the front and back are lovely. Inside, there are several tabbed dividers, with categories such as "My books", "Books on Loan", and "My Favorites", as well as 7 pages of "from the library of" stickers, and 50 (!) book cards on which to record your thoughts and impressions of what you are reading.

I really like the book cards - they have spaces for title, author, a book rating, the source of the book, genre, and first read date, as well as a large section for notes - that's just on one side! The other side leaves room for a fairly extensive lending history, as well as notes for a book club meeting. It's very nicely organized, and I feel like the space allowed for each section is definately adequate. Additionally, the box and cards just feel sturdy - this is not a shoddily made product. The box does not bend under pressure, and the cards are on nice stock. They even include a pen that writes very nicely. I'm very impressed with this set!

I think this would make a lovely gift. It's definitely a little pricey - $29.95 - but after seeing the product and holding it in my hands, I do think there is a lot of value for the price. AND! If you have been thinking about getting one, either for yourself or someone you know, the creators are offering a 25% discount with this link - A Life Well Read. This offer is good through October 11. (As full disclosure, if anyone actually buys this product through that link, I get entered in some sort of prize giveaway - the same product is offered on Amazon, although not at the discounted price.)

I'm really happy with my set - I think I'll enjoy using it. Is it time for Christmas shopping yet??


Zibilee said...

This set is really beautiful and I can think of several people in my life who could use one, including myself! I am glad you got to try this out and that it is so well made. I will have to look into these.

mar10123 said...

Sounds like Sister Gifts to me!

soleil said...

that sounds like a great gift item.