Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week - Day 1

Welcome to Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2009!

BBAW has a series of suggested topics for each day of the week - I'm looking forward to the variety of posts I'll be creating this week!

Today's topic is spotlighting my favorite blogs that didn't make the shortlists.

There are a few in particular I'd like to spotlight - the ones I would have voted for, if they'd been on the list.

Padfoot and Prongs - Good Books, Inc
. These ladies read some serious books - books I would most likely NOT think about reading - and then write reviews that, somehow, make me want to add them to my TBR list. Also, they are creating the coolest line of mugs and T-shirts based on literary works - I can't wait to buy a few!

Constance Reader's Guide... is a fairly new blog, but already one of my favorites. I LOVE her reviews. Love Them. I would kinda like her to read every book I'm thinking of reading first, and then tell me why or why not I should read it - because I'm pretty sure she'd be right. Really, if you aren't reading this blog, WHY NOT?

Dolce Bellezza reads books that I've never even heard of, and writes such smart, insightful reviews. She also hosts the Japanese Literature Challenge, and of course I want to join it.

One of the best parts of BBAW, for ME, is the opportunity to discover new blogs and meet great new people. Here are a few blogs that are new to me this year. (Yep, it's only day 1, and I'm already adding blogs to me reader. I'm in trouble, people!)

Steph and Tony Investigate! - funny stuff. This couple posts about a wide variety of topics, but their book reviews are great. They have a sharp, distinct style, and are not afraid to skewer a book if it needs it. I am really enjoying this blog.

Kitsch Slapped - again, a blogger who does a lot more than just review books. Deanna is a collector, and often shares the weird and funny things she finds in her adventures. Also, she writes great book reviews.

Farm Lane Books
- I know I'm probably the last person in the world to find this blog, but I love it. Her reviews are so smart, and she reads books I find frightening - I think I might be inspired to give something more challenging a try.

Oh, there are so many more - but I'm going to stop now, so you can head over to the BBAW website and see what blogs other people wish they could vote for! Make sure you stop back here throughout the week as well - starting tomorrow, I'll have book giveaways each day for the rest of the week!


Beth F said...

Nice list -- I'm going to be clicking through to check some out. I too have increased my reader already!

farmlanebooks said...

Thank you so much! I have only recently discovered your blog too! I love your blog and you have great taste in bloggers - you've just caused me to add another 2 to my google reader - thank you!

bermudaonion said...

Great list - I only knew 2 of those blogs, so you've given me several to check out.

Elizabeth said...

Beth - thanks! It's going to be a long week if I have this many new blogs already!

farmlanebooks - well, I LOVE your blog! And get ready to add tons of new bloggers this week! =)

bermuda- have fun! They are good ones.

Nymeth said...

Some of those I love too; others are new to me so I'm off to discover them!

Trisha said...

I highlighted Padfoot and Prongs too! Thanks for the suggestions!

Bluestocking said...

It will take me forever to visit these blogs. Here is mine

Bellezza said...

I hope you do join in The Japanese Literature Challenge 3; it'd be great to have you! Thanks for the shout out, and the links to other great blogs!

Jenners said...

Great choices!!! I love the Padfoot and Prongs girls! They are not afraid of heavy books, that is for sure! And their scavenger hunt was one of my favorite things I've done blogging.

And I just discovered Constance Reader's Guide too and am in love! totally funny ... I would read anything she puts out there.

And I second your opinion of Farm Lane Books -- she is a brave reader. She makes me feel so lazy!

Wonderful choices!!!

Jenny said...

These blogs sound great! I'm definitely going to go check them out!

Steph said...

Elizabeth, I'm so glad to read that you enjoy what we do over at our site! I think one of the best thing to come out BBAW is the way we can all come together and share some of our favorite nooks in the web and let each other know we're out there reading and enjoying!

Andi said...

GReat list! Quite a few of these are new to me. I feel my reader growing heavier as we speak!

Padfoot and Prongs - Good Books Inc. said...

Ahhhhhh thank you so much!!! That was so sweet of you to think of us. I think I just scared the kid next to me in the library since I gasped out loud haha. Congrats again on the short list for 451 you totaaallly deserve it!! Happy BBAW week.

Elizabeth said...

Nymeth - my blog discovering has only begun this week, I fear!

Trisha - yay! Aren't they fun?

Bluestocking - I know - it's a problem! But a good kind of problem to have.

Bellezza - I have a feeling I'll cave. It's just too tempting to resist!

Jenners - Thanks! It was hard to narrow down, but these are some of my (new)favorites.

Jenny - have fun reading them!

Steph - seriously, you two crack me up. I LOVE your reviews!

Andi - I know, mine is groaning too.

P&P - you're welcome! You two are great. =)

Literary Feline said...

I am right there with you! I am enjoying discovering new blogs. And thank you for introducing me to a few more I was unfamiliar with. :-)