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Review - Sweetsmoke by David Fuller

Blurb from Barnes&

"The year is 1862, and the Civil War rages through the South. On a Virginia tobacco plantation, another kind of battle soon begins. There, Cassius Howard, a skilled carpenter and slave, risks everything-punishment, sale to a cotton plantation, even his life-to learn the truth concerning the murder of Emoline, a freed black woman, a woman who secretly taught him to read and once saved his life. It is clear that no one cares about her death in the midst of a brutal and hellish war. No one but Cassius, who braves horrific dangers to escape the plantation and avenge her loss.

As Cassius seeks answers about Emoline's murder, he finds an unexpected friend and ally in Quashee, a new woman brought over from another plantation; and a formidable adversary in Hoke Howard, the master he has always obeyed.

With subtlety and beauty, Sweetsmoke captures the daily indignities and harrowing losses suffered by slaves, the turmoil of a country waging countless wars within its own borders, and the lives of those people fighting for identity, for salvation, and for freedom."

I had a mixed reaction to this book. I can't say I enjoyed reading it, but I was able to appreciate that it is well written and researched. It took quite a while for me to be drawn into the story, and I don't know that I ever was able to feel like I was lost in the narrative - weird little things,like the author's choice not to use parenthesis when the slaves spoke, kept jerking me out of the flow of the story. I also have difficulty reading a southern drawl when it is written into a book, so I know that detracted from the story for me. I know this is a good book, but I can't say it will be one of my favorites.

Finished: 9/1/08

Rating: 5/10

Source: LibraryThing Early Reviewers program

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