Monday, July 21, 2008

Mailbox Monday

Marcia over at The Printed Page is hosting a fun new weekly event - Mailbox Monday! From her blog:

Once again Monday is upon us and it's time to check those mailboxes. What did the mail carrier bring you last week? Maybe an ARC you forgot you requested? That giveaway book you won a month or so ago? Something you've been craving from Amazon?

I have three fun new goodies to report this Monday -

So Long at the Fair by Christina Schwartz - an ARC I received from the publisher.

Sweet Mandarin by Helen Tse - another ARC, which will be making it's way to Marcia's house before the week is over.

Comic Book Tattoo (Limited Edition) by a whole bunch of people, with intro written by Neil Gaiman and AUTOGRAPHED BY TORI AMOS!!!

(deep breath)

This is actually my husband's birthday present. He is a HUGE Tori Amos fan (which was one of the reasons I knew he would be the guy for me!), and this book is a rendering of 50 of her songs by fabulous graphic novelist into 50 new stories. And did I mention is it AUTOGRAPHED by Tori herself?? I'm pretty sure this is the coolest thing that's arrived in my house for quite a while, and now I have to wait until WEDNESDAY to give it to my husband....

So who else got new, fun stuff in the mail this week?? Come on, share!!


Andi said...

The gift for your hubs is SO COOL. I'm having a bit of trouble breathing just thinking about it!

Confuzzled Books said...

Comic Book tattoo looks interesting. Actually just from looking at the cover they all look interesting. Happy Reading!

Elizabeth said...

Comic Book Tattoo is the coolest thing ever! Jeremy's birthday isn't for 2 more days, and I've already asked him 4 times if I can give him his present early. =) He's at work now, so I'm sitting here drooling over it. Did I mention it is AUTOGRAPHED by TORI AMOS??? *grin* I'm such a dork.

Amy said...

awesome gift for your hubby! :)

Alea said...

I remember hearing about that book, Comic Book Tattoo. I'll have to read more about it. How ever did you get it signed!!

Marie said...

I got SO LONG AT THE FAIR too, and DOUGH, and GUERNICA. I forgot I requested SO LONG and GUERNICA. Lots of fun stuff to read! :-)