Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March Magics - day 6

Today's prompt -

Favorite Quotes
This one might be tough to narrow down but also a lot of fun!

So, I'm just going to be honest and say I visited the GoodReads Quotes page - but I found some great ones!

“Being a hero means ignoring how silly you feel.”
~ Fire and Hemlock

“Only thin, weak thinkers despise fairy stories. Each one has a true, strange fact hidden in it, you know, which you can find if you look.”
~ Fire and Hemlock

“But I do think that when people say 'a learning curve,' they make a mistake. Learning to me always seems to go in a straight, ignorant line and then, every so often, takes a jump straight upward.”
~Enchanted Glass

“She's not stupid. She just never lets her mind out.”
~House of Many Ways

I could have gone on for pages, but really this just makes me get excited to read more of these great books! Do you have a favorite quote from one of these authors? Share it in the comments!


Jenny @ Reading the End said...

That first one though! Of all the things I read in a Diana Wynne Jones book when I was young, and came to fully and utterly understand as I got older, "being a hero means ignoring how silly you feel" is absolutely the top one. What a piece of wisdom.

Kristen M. said...

I don't take notes while I read so I fully used the internet as well. :) Great choices!