Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Month in Movies

Here's what I've been watching this month:

The Tourist (2010) - Really, this wasn't a bad movie if you didn't expect it to be anything AT ALL like the promos they showed, and just let it be Johnny and Angelina looking pretty in Venice.

Hereafter (2010) - Now this movie, on the other hand, kinda felt like it was missing something. Like an ending. This really should have been better than it was.

127 Hours (2010) - Unlike The Social Network, I completely understand why this was nominated for Best Actor and Best Picture - James Franco was riveting, and even though I know how the story ended, I couldn't stop watching.

Blue Valentine (2010) - This was so hard to watch. Both of these actors were incredible, but the movie itself was painful. I felt like I was intruding on something I shouldn't be witnessing.

Despicable Me (2010) - Oh, I loved this movie. The humor was right up my alley, and being a mom myself made the "parenting" moments even more touching. And I want Minions!!

The Town
(2010) - I have to admit I haven't been a big fan of Ben Affleck's acting until now, but in this movie he was perfect. He and Jeremy Renner just WERE their characters - I believed every second. And Blake Lively as Krista gave me flashbacks to Adriana from The Sopranos - when she would up hurt in the hospital, and started talking to the agent, I suddenly knew exactly how her story was going to end. This movie was paced just a t e e n y bit to slowly for me, but otherwise I thought it was excellent.

Next up in my Netflix queue:

The Fighter
True Grit
Rabbit Hole


Zibilee said...

I loved The Tourist (but that is because I have had a crush on Johnny Depp since I was 12) and The Town. I want to see a lot of the others that you mention as well, and am off to fill up my Netflix queue right now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these with us, Elizabeth!

bermudaonion said...

I'm interested in 127 Hours but was afraid it might be too graphic for me.

Anonymous said...

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Read the Book said...

I would have been totally fine with Franco winning the Oscar (which is saying a lot since he was up against Colin Firth!!!!) because he was so good in 127 hours. I do wish I could have seen it with someone else so they could have told me when to look away from the bloody bits.

I also found True Grit to be exceptional. Hope you enjoy!

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

I can't stand Ben Affleck and I thought The Town was great too! Sometimes it's nice when an actor can surprise you.

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I've seen all of those except 127hours. I enjoyed them all. My fav would be The Town.