Friday, June 3, 2011

My Month in Movies

Here's what I was watching this month:

The Road (2009) - Wow. Is the book as heartbreaking as this movie? I literally couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Viggo Mortensen was excellent. Watch with caution as a parent, though - it's probably your worst nightmare.

Tangled (2010) - Oh, I'm just a sucker for a good Disney princess. I think Rapunzel will join the ranks of Ariel and Belle as one of the classics. I can't wait to watch this with my kids when they are a little older!

Salt (2010) - Okay, so here is my problem with this movie. I don't care how incredible Angelina Jolie is - flying down the highway at 60+ miles per hour, jumping from cartop to cartop, there is no way her wrist would not have shattered. It was just a little bit too unbelievable for me.

Inception (2010) - Wow. There was a LOT going on in this movie. It's definitely one that could stand up to repeated viewing. The visuals were amazing. I know I didn't "get" everything that was going on, so I'd like to watch this again.

The King's Speech
(2010) - Ohhh, Colin Firth. You are just so GOOD in everything. This was a truly enjoyable movie from start to finish - I definitely agree that it deserves all the awards it garnered.

Black Swan
(2010) - I don't even know what to say about this one. It was mesmerizing, in a really strange way. Was is just me, or did it seem like there was very little dialogue? And the casting of Winona Ryder as the aging diva seemed perfect.

I am also watching:

Camelot - This series is still impressing me, and Eva Green as Morgan is mesmerizing.

The Pillars of the Earth
- well, trying to anyway. Did it get cancelled? I haven't seen a new episode for a while...

Game of Thrones
- Boy, there are a lot of nasty people in this world, huh? It's so complex and rich - I feel like we are barely scratching the surface, and it's halfway through the first season.

Glee - The babies love watching this one with me - we dance around the living room during all the songs.

Next up in my Netflix queue:

Never Let Me Go
The Tourist
The Social Network


Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

So many great movies. I believe The Pillars of the Earth is a miniseries that is already over, not a TV show with new episodes. It was really good though and you can get the whole thing on netflix. I hope you enjoy Never Let Me Go, it was beautiful!

bermudaonion said...

I saw Black Swan in the theater. When it ended, I wasn't sure what I thought, but it stayed in mind for a while and grew on me.

Lisa said...

I read the book, The Road, and found it so heartbreaking that I couldn't bear to watch the movie!

jehara said...

I recently watched The King's Speech. It was amazing!!!

Lena said...

I've seen all of those except Camelot and The Pillars of the Earth, they are all pretty good. My daughter said Tangled is her favorite movie, I think we've seen it now a dozen times.

Clare said...

I love Tangled - it's one of my favourite Disney movies, which is impressive since the others have been on the list for a lot longer!

Willa said...

Great movies!!! I loved The Kings Speech!

Milli said...'s awesome..but confusing C:
I've just discovered your blog and it's awesome.