Monday, August 16, 2010

Review - Naked Babies by Nick Kelsh and Anna Quindlen

Naked Babies by Nick Kelsh and Anna Quindlen
published 1996
111 pages

Synopsis from publisher:

Beautiful, witty, inspiring, and totally original--this is an unparalleled gift book for every mother and mother-to-be. The black-and-white photos often focus on one aspect of a baby--the perfection of a hand, the swirl of a cowlick, the smoothness of skin on the neck. Quindlen's essays, as graceful, snappy, perceptive, and personal as anything she has written, muse on special moments like a baby's first steps.

My thoughts:

This book was a gift from my aunt Rhoda, and it's a wonderful gift for anyone about to become a mom. The photographs by Nick Kelsh are stunning - all black and white, many focused on just an arm, or a foot, or an ear. They showcase everything that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy about babies - the pudgy, dimply, innocence that makes babies nearly impossible to resist. The beauty of these photos is in their simplicity, as Kelsh allows the pure joy of each baby to shine.

Anna Quindlen's essays are a perfect compliment to Kelsh's photos - writing about babies born, and growing, and learning, and leaving, Quindlen's eloquent yet simple style evokes just the right mood. One of my favorites quotes, from the section in which Quindlen is talking about babies eventually growing up, is this:

"I want to throw the lariat of my love and my arms around him and say: Stay still."

I've always enjoyed her writing, and these short essays are no exception. This is the kind of book that makes you laugh through the tears in your eyes and the lump in your throat. It was a joyful reading experience - highly recommended!

Finished: 7/27/10
Source: Aunt Rhoda - Thank you!
MPAA Rating: G, unless you don't want your kids to see pictures of naked babies
My Rating: 10/10

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