Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Battle of the Bards

Need something to tide you over between fantasy football and March Madness?? (Maybe that's just me...)

Does a Literary Battle Royale sound like fun?? (Now THAT'S more like it!!)

My friends Padfoot and Prongs have just what you need - The Battle of the Bards.

How it works:
Each week there will be 2 posts featuring highlights from the battling ballads (one pair up from the left and one pair up from the right) and you will be given a good amount of information to help you make your choices when voting. There will be interesting facts, quotes, and summaries for each play. We need any and all literary lovers to crawl out from the wood works to place your vote and aid us in our quest. As the weeks press on, the number of contenders will get smaller and smaller until we reach our final battle and a champion is announced!!

What's in it for me?
If answering that tried and true question isn't enough glory for the average blogger, we have a bit of an incentive for participating.
For those who get their predictions in on time, you will be enterd for a chance to win....
(ooooohhhh ahhhhhhhhh)
That's right marauders. For that lucky thespian who gets the most guesses accurate, at their door they will find a literary package filled with treasures galore. The grand prize includes:

1. A copy of the winning Shakespeare play (plus an assortment 4 plays of your choice).

2. A custom mug featuring the B.o.B logo

3. Any prize of your choosing from the GBI Etsy store

4. Oh and wait for it...... a 20$ gift card to B&N courtesy of Padfoot and Prongs.

4. Other literary mystery prizes that will begin to pop up as the contest progresses, (not just for the winner) so be sure to participate and check back often.

But remember folks, to win this cornucopia of prizes you need to get registered and submit your predictions before January 18th.

How fun does this sound? I'm preparing my choices as we speak - if you want to sign up, head over to the Battle of the Bards post, where there is more info and a spot to enter. Let the games begin!!

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